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corsair RMA sends damaged refurb psu


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I RMA ed a corsair GS800 gaming series psu, which went dead after 2 months of purchase. :sigh!:


Got the replacement afer 15 days, thought it to be new as it was sealed packed.


A week of usage and bang, the replacement went dead too...i gave it the hairpin test to confirm that.


I have no complaints for refurbs, but corsair didnt even bothered to give me a decent one which dies after a few days, they just do some patchwork to another damaged psu and sends them to another unlucky customer.


My pc was down for 2 weeks, now its again down and i dont know what to do.


Is there any way i can ask for my money back, i do not want to use a cosair psu anymore, its a horrible experience for me. I lost all my faith to corsair.


What should i do now ?????

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What does "RoHs/Pb-FREE" have to do with refurb?

RoHS = Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Pb-FREE = Lead Free


Either way, contact Corsair, tell them the RMA'd unit died in a couple of days (don't forget to give them the first RMA # as well). They'll pay for the shipping both ways.

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Returned it to my vendor, he was asking me to rma...i insisted and he replaced and gave me a new one instead, keeping my fingers crossed and hope this one doesnt die :-o and i get to keep my faith for corsair
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