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F60 SSD - Freezing windows, then BSOD


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I have had the F60 series SSD as my primary disk(in which I would save the most hi-frequent programmes).

A couple of months ago, windows started freezing completely, the loading circle came up and then everything froze..After a few minutes I had got this BSOD:


After some checking I came to conclusion that the SSD was the problem..

So I went at the shop, where I bought it, and after they had checked it they told me it was the problem..So they ordered a new one..

Now, some months later the same problem came up..

I tried updating my BIOS, succesfully updated the firmware of the SSD to 2.0 but still I get the freezing.


Why is this happening?

Could it be that I am using the sata dock provided by my case?

I removed the ssd from the sata dock and plugged it in as I am doing with my other HDDs and got the same problem.


Also I am using Hibernation at my desktop (I've read here that I should disable it?)


What should I do?


Thank you for your time.

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Are you talking about recurring freezes which last about 30 seconds? The way they disappeared on my machine was setting the LPM values in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\iaStor\Parameters\Port0, Port1 etc. to 0 (zero). Apparently this setting is not supported and the system freezes during detection until a timeout occurs.
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Well what happens with my system is that after the loading of windows, usually 3-6 minutes, the system freezes completely and then I get a BSOD.


I checked the disk with SSDLife and got this http://online.hddlife.com/ssdlife/1e0f8a76bff600ce11fe452de564d96a . (If you need extra info, just tell me which application to use)

Some extra info with CrystalDiskInfo


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Thank you for your reply.


What I am thinking is that the disk has already stopped functioning properly..The thing is why is this happening?

If I try your solution it might not work for me as the SSD might have already "crashed". :S

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