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Corsair 600T White Special Edition Mod

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I've now had the 600T White Special Edition for a few weeks and I'm nearly through with building and modding. I'll post some pictures so show you the evolution and changes I've made.


I loved the windowed look and tried that at first. However my EVGA 560Ti DS in the primary slot averaged a little over 90 degrees C when under full load (using folding@home). Although this is within acceptable limits according to NVIDIA I was not a happy bunny.


OK, I removed the windowed glass and replaced it with the mesh panel. I installed four 120mm fans. I mixed the colors, two fans are black and two are white (but I'm having second thoughts and might change these out and make everything white).


I had the top two fans blowing air in and the bottom two fans blowing air out. The temps dropped to about 83 degrees C. That was better but today I changed the bottom two fans to blow cool air in as well and now the temps under full load stay below 80 degrees C.


The only thing left on my list is to replace the current memory with Corsair memory. If the new white low profile memory will work that is on my shopping list.


Now for some pics. I apologize if some of them are blurry but my camera isn't that great.


The pictures start with the original mod with the windowed panel and then the mesh final design with the cables properly tied back.


NZXT white extension cables were obtained to replace the PCI-E cabling as well as the motherboard power cables





















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