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HX1000 Supposed to sound like car engine?


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Just wondering what anyone else's HX1000 sounds like. There's no screeching or anything, but its loud, as I imagine all 1000w PSU's are.

I have 7 fans running full and the corsair is still quite audible, normal?


Kinda like a car engine or really a pneumatic drill, not sure if its the fan or not.

But loudest thing in room with other comps.



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Decided to send to supplier as closer and cheaper, they saw some wear and tear on the warranty sticker from pulling the PSU in and outta the case and stated they had to ship to Corsair headquarters. I argued my case that i did not open it and it was obviously just wear and tear. I have emailed Corsair customer service about to make sure that its looked at properly.


So dont know what there case number is.


But thanks.

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