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What's normal operating temp of HX650W?


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I've had a run of bad luck lately so I'm getting a "bit" paranoid here...


Built a system 1,5 years ago with a 650w TX

It ran perfectly until 2 weeks ago when first the soundcard died, then the PSU shorted, smoked and died.

Got it working with a loaner PSU so I bought a 650w HX


Ran fine at first, then my videocard died

Got a new video card and ventilated the case better, lowered all temps 5°-7° celsius.

Now it ran for 1 hour, then the new PSU died...


Took it back to the store and got a new one.


Suspected a faulty MB since things starts happening once the MB heats up.

So I bought a new MB...


Installed everything and got it running.


Everything seems fine, but when I feel the case of the PSU with my hand after 10-15 minutes of just windows running it gets quite warm to the touch.


It's not burning hot, but a lot hotter than I'd expect, esp with the case open.

The hottest spot is around the connectors for the cables.


Ambient temp in the room is 23-25°

All fans are running (2 exhaust fans), CPU temps are at 43-45°, harddrives 45-47°, GFX at 45-50° and the load on the GFX is basically 0, it just runs the 2D mode.


I've loaded the PC for 5-10 minutes with my normal games and the PSU gets warmer but the fan does not seem to increase in speed.


So, does this seem normal?

I really do not want to fry anything else now... :sigh!:




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