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AX 1200 - The next great anti-personnel weapon


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About half an hour ago I heard a loud "POP" come from my PSU followed by a much louder coil whine than it usually makes. I went over to look the the PSU, which is outside of its usual Storm Shadow Sniper Black because I'm experimenting with different GPU cooling solutions. Lo and behold, I saw that one of the fan blades had sheared itself off was wedged in between the the little grate at the top of the PSU and some of the internal components!


Obviously, this was preventing the surviving portion of the fan from continuing to spin. Also obviously, if it were not for the safety grate that fan blade would now be embedded in my left knee!


Getting a DOA Vengeance ram kit is one thing, but for a six month old $280 PSU to destroy itself like this is at least a little off-putting.


FWiW, I am presently running on my older PSU that I had switched off from to accommodate a 5970-6870 tri-fire setup. No third GPU for me right now.

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