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HX750W Installation issues


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Howdy. First time corsair buyer. My old ******** 600 watt PSU died for the second time so I thought it try something new.


I bought the fancy HX750 to replace it, its on an older system, an asus M2N-32SLI motherboard with a pair of old 8800 GTS. Figure this beast should give plenty of juice.


The system is acting very funny.... not sure whats going on.


Pretty sure everythings hooked up right, the only question I had was the 8 pic(splitable) thats built into the psu(non-modular) this is the CPU rail right?


Its also powering 4 case fans via 1 molex connector(1 12inch and 3x 4inch), and two HDDs and 1 DVD all sata (HDD + DVD on one, HDD on the other) and has 4 sticks of ******** gold memory, 800mhz 5-5-5-12 timing iirc.


The system doesnt want to always post - sometimes it doesnt post, it just powers on and hangs on fan up/hdd spin up. Or it will post, but either way after 30-40 seconds it shuts down.


I have tried independently testing each ram stick, in both banks.


Double checked all the connections, don't see any problem. All power seems to be running, all HDDs/DVDs/Fans spin up. Lights all work, headphones click on in both frontside and backside ports.


CPU and GPUs were both freshly cleaned, and all fans are running, overheating shouldn't be an issue.


All the components seem to work when it does post, can quickly get into the bios, everything is recognized.


Im at a loss. Could it just be because the PSU is cold? should I try leaving it powered for a bit?


Any idea what else to try? Best guess as to what the problem is?


Sorry, CPU AMD Athlon™ X2 6400

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Should these be so low?


1.44 -> vcore

3.24 -> 3.3

4.86 -> 5

11.96 -> 12



40 CPU

33 MB


Def not hot :\

I'm asuming you are reading these from the BIOS. if so then yes they are fine. As long as voltages are within5% variance then it it just fine. They may even change while your system is running at different loads. But to be sure , your best bet is to test the voltages with a digital voltmeter.

as far as the post problems, i 'm guessing that since you have 4 sticks of ram you bought two kits of the same memory. If this is the case, try to make sure you can identify the kits that came packaged together and try using jsut two sticks from the one set and see if it posts that way.

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I tried each stick on its own, im not sure what using the matched pairs would prove over that?


Its odd, but it seems like the system only posts after a hardware change on a device with independent power from the PSU, like if I unplug say the DVD drive, it will post for 2 hours.... then not post. Then if I remove the second GPU..... it will post for a few hours.... then not. Plug the DVD back in, its posting again... for two hours, plug everything back in, posting for 2 hours. Beginning to think its less of a PSU issue and more of a short somewhere... getting really tired of this comp lol.... Is it possible to detect a case short using a voltmeter?

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