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Corsair Graphite 600T Series White and PSU Seating Problems

Japan Fever

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Hi all.


Just got the Corsair 600T White series case and I am having trouble making the PSU seat fully flushed with the back of the case.


I have a 850 Watt PSU and the first thing I started to do was to try and seat the PSU. This is the first case that I have seen with a bottom mounted PSU (the other two computers I built were both top mounted). I read in previous threads that it doesn`t matter whether to have the PSU fan facing up or down, so I decided to just have it pointing down when I install it.


Anyway, I was putting the PSU in when I noticed two sort of mounting brackets sticking out, one on the panel with the motherboard and other one situated right above where the PSU should be. I started sliding the PSU in place when I noticed it became difficult to push it in and make it line up with the screw holes for the PSU and the case. I was not able to get the PSU fully flushed with the case. Actually, there was about 1.5 - 2 inches or so of space between the side of my PSU and the case. Obviously, the screw holes for the PSU were not lined up and I could not screw in my PSU.


I tried several times to put the PSU into its proper place of the case but everytime I had about 1.5 - 2 or so inches of space and my PSU not lining up with the screw holes. From doing all of this, I have also managed to scratch up my PSU a bit with a few scratches on top and some long scratches on the long corners of my PSU. This tells me that the space seems to be too tight to get the PSU fully seated. I also noticed there were 2 long `bumps` or `raises` for where the PSU is suppose to sit. I was thinking if these were gone, I would probably be able to get my PSU in there better.


Does anybody have any idea of what I can do to properly seat my PSU? I have read this entire Cases forum and no hints. I have also watched many You Tube videos of the Corsair Graphite series cases but still no one has mentioned anything. Are one of those mounting brackets removable or something? Because all I am doing right now is just scratching the heck out of my PSU and not getting it mounted/seated properly.


Thanks alot!

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if you could post some photos, we could help better



here is a closeup of how mine is seated - just loosen the screws so you can adjust the bracket down bottom, depending on the length of your PSU... mine went in amazingly easy -



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Thanks for the quick reply tarbox.


My problem is not really the bracket on the bottom of the case, however, it is with the TWO mounting/holding brackets on the Side and Back of where the PSU is seated.


In your picture there, the first one is sticking out on top of the PSU holding it on the Side, and the other bracket is the one that is sort of hidden underneath the expansion port slot. It seems that my PSU is able to clear the Back bracket fine but the Side bracket seems to be the problem.


It seems that I have enough clearance as long as I don`t put it on top of the Bottom rail that seems to come up from the bottom of the case. My PSU may simply not have enough clearance with it hitting the Side bracket.


I will try to get some picutres up soon to help you understand a little better.

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