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Possibly faulty HX850?


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Hi all,


My PC has been turning itself off since yesterday and I'm trying to figure out why. At first I thought it was the graphics card because it seemed to do it when starting games but I put in a spare gpu and that does the same. Now I've found that any time the load on the psu gets above about 150W (approx) it cuts out (immediate power off and then powers on a few seconds later).


Things I've tried:


- still turns off with different gpu.

- still turns off with 2 out of 3 sticks of ram removed.

- still turns off using different pci-e power cables and all unnecessary stuff (dvd, 2nd hdd) disconnected.

- still turns off when starting prime.

- still turns off when starting prime after resetting bios (using defaults).

- still turns off when using prime and load line calibration set to off.


- works fine with a spare psu I tested with.


Funny thing is I was thinking of picking up a more powerful psu (AX1200) so I can comfortably put a 6990 in with my 6950 at a later date (6990 in other PC at the moment). I'll probably get one tomorrow and then rma this one.


Other than trying the HX850 in another PC, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm almost certain it's the psu at fault but is there anything else I should try?


This PC has been running constantly but with quite low power usage recently (200W). Is that likely to have caused a problem with the psu (running a high wattage psu too low all the time)?



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