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RAID mode to AHCI?


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Hello, I've been reading up some stickied posts on this forum, since I'm having a Corsair Force 115 ( CSSD-F115GB2-BRKT-A ) OTW. I saw that updating firmware requires AHCI mode. But my ICHR is currently set to RAID mode, cause I have a Raid 0 config currently set up on there.

I was playing around with it before once, and my RAID drives disappeared when I switched to AHCI.


So am I stuck running my new SSD with RAID mode? Or could I plug them into my JMicron sata ports? Although I've heard that Jmicron is just not very good, so my optical drive is currently connected to them.


My new SSD will be my new boot drive, so any help will be appreciated!

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You can change the mode to AHCI mode and boot from another OS or LiveCD then update the firmware. You should not lose any of your data but I recommend backing it up first before you perform this process.


After the update just change it back to RAID mode and continue as normal, you won't have to reconstruct the RAID array and your data *should* be there still.

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