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PSU rails readings. Normal? Too high?


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Hello everyone, i have a TX750W power source, almost one year old (bought july last year).


The rails reading in the bios are as follows:

3.3v -> 3.408v

5v -> 5.080v

12v -> 12.288v

(interesting tidbit, both speedfan and and aida64 give impossible readings for the 3.3v and 12v rails, respectively 1.18v and 16.3v, that's why I checked the BIOS)


Are they too high (especially the 3.3 and 12v rails), or still within safety limits? I couldn't find a proper source on this, so i thought I might ask directly to you guys. The computer still didn't give problems (besides a burned CPU fan little more than a week ago that I immediately replaced, it was powered through the Mobo anyway), I'm just trying to prevent any that might occur.


If they are too high, any way I can alleviate the problem, or maybe they're the sign of a faulty/damaged PSU?


This is my system:



To be noted: the PSU also powers 3 case fans directly.


Thank you very much

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