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TWIN2X2048-8500C5D and FSB:DRAM ratio


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I'm running two sets of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D in an Asus M3N-HT dlx mobo rev 1. Win 7 x64 sp1b7601. No overclocking has ever been attempted with any of the system components.


The mobo has the current release bios from asus (3401)


The mobo has always required manual settings be used to configure the ram correctly. The EPP#1 on the ram lists it's stock settings to be:


5-5-5-15-22-2T @ 2.1v


The system runs without error at these settings, but they must be entered manually.


I've read that a 1:1 FSB:DRAM ratio is the "on paper" optimum ratio. I understand that is not achievable and that 1:2 is the common sweet spot.


However at the manually set EPP#1 settings my FSB:DRAM ratio is at 3:8.


Whereas when letting the system detect the ram it will choose completely different values for timing and voltage but achieve an FSB:DRAM ratio of 5:8 which should be better.


Should I simple set the speed (1066), ganged mode and voltage (2.1v) manually and allow the mobo to decide on the access timings or is there a chance of damaging some ic's?





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Don´t worry about the ratio´s. Yes they could make a few % in ram speed but that doesn´t translate to a faster computer. The ratio´s are more important for overclcocking. For example 1:1 is a bad overclocker. 3:8 is good. probably why you can run your ram at 1066 with 4 non matched sticks. And yes always set the timings manualy according to EPP or the label. And you can´t break your IC´s with wrong timings. ONly make them unstable or slow.
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