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Memory Issues - I need some help sorting it out


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Hi Everyone,


I've recently built a new system that crashes a lot with the BSOD. The error messages are varied and I initially thought it was a driver issue. I've loaded a clean OS three times, the last time with minimal drivers (I have not installed the ATI driver for the video card). It hasn't made any difference. Windows crashes about every 10-20 minutes.


I finally decided to run MemTest. Following their suggestions I started 6 processes. They fail immediately. It's hard just clicking all the windows. I used the memory chooser so I'm pretty sure my memory should work with my motherboard. I'm not so sure about the BIOS. Here are the memory specs in BIOS:


Target DRAM Frequency: 1333MHz


DRAM Frequency [Auto}



DRAM Timing

DRAM CAS# Latency 9 [Auto]

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay 9 [Auto]

DRAM RAS# PRE Time 9 [Auto]

DRAM RAS# ACT Time 24 [Auto]

DRAM READ to PRE Time 5 [Auto]

DRAM Row Cycle Time 5 [Auto]

DRAM WRITE Recovery Time 10 [Auto]

DRAM RAS# to RAS# Delay 5 [Auto]


DRAM READ to WRITE Delay 8 [Auto]

DRAM WRITE to READ Delay (DD) 2 [Auto]

DRAM WRITE to READ Delay (SD) 5 [Auto]

DRAM WRITE to WRITE Timing 4 [Auto]

DRAM READ to READ Timing 4 [Auto]

DRAM REF Cycle Time 110 [Auto]

DRAM Refresh Rate 7.8 [Auto]

DRAM Command Rate 2T [Auto]



DRAM Driving Configuration


DCTO Information


CKE Drive Strength 2x [Auto]

CS/ODT Drive Strength 1.5x [Auto]

ADDR/CMD Drive Strength 2x [Auto]

MEMCLK Drive Strength 1.5x [Auto]

Data Drive Strength 1.25x [Auto]

DQS Drive Strength 1.25x [Auto]

Processor ODT Drive Strength 60 ohms [Auto]


DCT1 Information 2x [Auto]

CKE Drive Strength 1.5x [Auto]

CS/ODT Drive Strength 2x [Auto]

ADDR/CMD Drive Strength 1.5x [Auto]

MEMCLK Drive Strength 1.5x [Auto]

Data Drive Drive Strength 1.25x [Auto]

DQS Drive Strength 1.25x [Auto]

Processor OCT Drive Strength 60 ohms [Auto]


DRAM Voltage 1.546 (Auto) (Varies)


Here is what is reported by CPU-Z:




Type DDR3 Channels # Dual

Size 8192MBytes DC Mode Unganged

NB Frequency 2022.7 MHz


DRAM Frequency 674.2 MHz


CAS# Latency (CL) 9.0 clocks

RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 9 clocks

RAS# Precharge (tRP) 9 clocks

Cycle Time (tRAS) 24 clocks

Bank Cycle Time (tRC) 34 clocks

Command Rate (DR) 2T




2048 MBytes

PC3-10700H (667 MHz)



Week/Year 20/09


Frequency 444 MHz 518 MHz 592 MHz 666 MHz

CAS# Latency 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0

RAS# to CAS# 6 7 8 9

RAS# Precharge 6 7 8 9

tRAS 16 19 22 24

tRC 23 27 30 34


Voltage 1.50 V 1.50 V 1.50 V 1.50 V



I'd like to know if my problems can be fixed by tweaking the BIOS settings. Perhaps it really is a memory issue.


Thanks in advance for your help and expertise.



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Thanks for your quick reply.


I am running two kits. I had issues getting the computer to power up when I first built it and replaced the processor, the motherboard, and the memory before I discovered my power supply was bad. When I replaced the memory I used the Corsair compatability tool. This was the only memory they recommended.


I read your articles about memory. They were helpful. I don't mind removing the memory and testing a stick at a time but I'm not sure that is the problem. The articles mention the memory controller. Is this part of the CPU or is it a separate chipset? I have an AMD BIOS. There are so many memory related items I could change I'm not sure how I would increase the voltage for the memory controller. I included all the voltage specs with my original post. Do you know what I would change to increase the voltage? I suspect that is where the problem is.


Thanks for your help.



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Memory controllers used to be part of the MB, but now they have since been moved to the CPU. Populating all slots on a MB only put an incresed strain on these controllers .

It is also very true that even two kits of the exact same memory with the EXACT same part number and version number can have serious incompatibility issues with each other. RAM now days should always be bought as ONE single kit of the desired capacity you want . This way they have all been tested and guarenteed to work the same exact way. All it takes is one little variance between the kits to throw them all off.

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