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Waterflow in the H50


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I just recently bought a Corsair H50-1 yesterday and installed it on my sandy bridge 2600k processor. Everything seems to be working correctly, however - and perhaps this is entirely normal - when I put my fingers against the tubbing I can very distinctly feel the water moving through 1 of the tubes projected from the radiator to the pump (slight vibration) while for the other tube I can feel so such vibration and it more or less feels identical to when the entire unit is off. Is this normal?


The cooling the unit is delivering seems to be correct (I'm getting 26-30˚C idle, 60˚C in prime95 at 4.6 GHz) but what I was describing above worried me when I spotted it out this morning so any confirmation as to whether or not my H50 is working normally would be appreciated.

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