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So I have a corsair force 240GB SSD with firmware revision 1.0


I downloaded the 2.0 firmware


My setup is AHCI on SATA 6 GB/s through a marvell 91xx controller


I did have the 10.x version intel drivers but that was for my intel raid sata 3 not the seperate marvell 91xx controller chip that the ssd is actually attached too




In admin mode I run the corsair utility and it cant find the SSD


So I uninstall the 10.x intel drivers and reboot


In admin mode with what has falled back to now older intel drivers, I still dont see the dam drive


Since its my boot drive, its obviously there, device manager knows about it no issue, so does crystaldiskinfo.........Its just the corsair utility that wont detect it regardless of what version of the intel drivers I use


So Corsair please fix it or suggest a workaround, thanks

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please fill in your complete specs, i cant tell if you have other drives.

is it set for IDE or AHCI?

are you overclocked at all?

what version of windows?

have you read http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=90759 ?

have you followed this? http://www2.corsair.com/software/Force%202.0%20Update/How%20To%20Force%20Series%20Firmware%20Update.pdf

if you have followed the preceding you can RMA the drive to get a version 2 back but of course all your data will be gone.

let us know:)

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Yep thanks read all those


Also tried a bootdisc as suggested elsewhere to no effect


Its in AHCI mode


Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit


As I said the marvell 91xx sata 6gbs is running the sata port for the Force SSD. Its the only device on that chip. The motherboard is an EVGA SR-2 and I have the latest WHQL certified marvell drivers running the chip.


RMA is a major hassle - it always takes forever given Im in Australia, I dont have another SSD to use in the meantime and so on.....

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