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X256 drive problems


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Have a corsair x256 ssd in my HP DV-8T laptop. Sometimes when I boot my laptop the drive is not listed in boot screen, and then windows try to repair the files, and fails to find the drive. I then go in to the bios, sometimes the drive is listed, sometimes not, but i can still not boot when i exit the bios. Tried the SSD drive in 2 other HP laptops and had the same issues. Works fine for some time and after a couple of reboots does exactly the same as above.


Other times the Windows 7 64bit files are corrupt and had to resort to a repair. I am at my wits end. Please somebody help. I am located in South Africa.

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Thanks for the reply RAM GUY. I already requested an RMA and my case number is 2090999. I was told to try and upgrade the firmware on the drive. Now my problem is I can't see the drive in the bios anymore. Tried this on 2 different laptops.




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I received my replacement hard drive. Thank you for that. But the replacement displays the exact same symptoms of the replaced drive.


These are my issues:

Drive worked fine for 1 day after installing Windows 7 64-bit.

Second day while busy working everything siezed up and then got a BSOD.

After restarting the laptop the hard drive is not visible in the BIOS and the laptop shows a message that there is no boot disk.

Third day the after starting the laptop, windows starts booting but complains that the files are corrupt and stops the boot process

Restarting the laptop with a windows 7 DVD to start the repair process, the SDD is not visible.

I have been scouring the Corsair Support forums and I see many people having exact same issues.


Very deeply disappointed with the whole experience.

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