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How to clean H50 leak


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Is there anything I can do to clean the residue from a leak in my H50? I already replaced the H50 with a new one, and the graphics card appears to be working. I'm just worried about future problems from the residue.


The only reason I noticed the leak is because the fan stopped working. The fan stopped working because (and don't laugh) a lizard jammed it up. I have no idea how long he was stuck in there. When I removed the screws for the fan/radiator, I noticed the liquid dripping down the side of the radiator. The case was on its side for the removal. So, I think the drip occurred before that. Nevertheless, I bought a new H50 and replaced the old one. Once the computer was upright and I ran Intel Burn test and Prime95, I noticed the residue on the graphics card. Can it be safely cleaned?

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