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mixing two memory kits of the same type


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Hello, I'm very new to placing RAMs and general computer construction.


But from what I've read, placing two different kits into a motherboard is usually a bad idea (for example a 512mb kit with a 1024mb kit).


But what if I decide to get two of 2X2GB kits of the same type (making them 4x2GB kit) together? Would that still be good?


I have an old EP45-DS3 motherboard, and as much as I tried to search, corsair only has 2x2GB as the highest capacity one. Would putting two of these kits, making it an 8GB memory, be safe? I just want to make sure.

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I am sorry but mixing memory is not suggested, but you are welcome to try and see. I would suggest setting the memory frequency to the next slower speed grade though DDR667 for example if its DDR2
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