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Tw3x4g1600c9dhx + p5q3 + q6600


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Hey guys,


So i bought a new cpu cooler (H70) and a new case (Corsair 600T),


I'v been trying to follow some guides around here on how to OC my CPU and get a 1:1 ratio so i can get my rams at 1600 mhz, but i cant find any good configurations.


When i try some configs i see around here, my pc wont start and i have to remove the battery from my MB.


I Have a Q6600 + P5Q3 + 2x TW3X4G1600C9DHX + Nox 800W + Corsair H70 + Corsair 600T.


I upgraded my BIOS to the latest version aswell.


I'm going crazy trying to make this work..


Thanks in advance.



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