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AX850: boot-up hangs on "00 USB mass storage devices found and configured"


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Hi everyone,


I recently upgraded to a AX850 from a TX650w. Once in a while, after my motherboard POSTs, the boot-up process will hang at the message:


"Auto-detecting USB Mass Storage Devices . . . 00 USB mass storage devices found and configured".


When I hit my chassis 'reset' button, it will reset and then hang at the same message. To stop it from hanging, I need to completely power off the system and then try again, keeping my fingers crossed.


This is a weird problem because it only happens once in a while. I ran Memtest with no errors, and once my system actually boots up I can stress it with Prime95 and play games without errors.


I think the PSU is the culprit because this never used to happen with my TX650w. I'm also pretty sure that my wiring is correct.


Any suggestions or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :biggrin:

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