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AX750 Issue


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I have a power supply issue with my ipmtb-tk truckee x58 motherboard. I originally tried an hx750 a year or two ago and it wouldn’t boot my computer only just click on and off briefly and get no video, I’ve long since RMA’d that power supply. May/June this year I got a Seasonic X-750, it also wouldn’t boot my computer. It would turn it on briefly then shut it off with no video. Sometimes it would click on and off within a few second. I RMA’d the Seasonic and went with the Corsair AX750. I of course have the same issue where it won’t boot. Turns on and off varying times and has no video.


I’m confident each time I had the modular cables have been plugged in all the way, as in not partly. The 24pin seems hard to screw up. The CPU ATX power also seems to be correct. The CPU power is a 4 pin header and not 8pin.


The CPU ATX power header is [R]



Which I plugged in the 4 pins that are keyed the same way.


The only thing that powers my computer correctly is the original Delta Electronics PSU.


Delta PSU label



I have it hooked up wrong?

I’m thinking this is a load/draw issue on my motherboard making it trip turning off?

Get a new motherboard?(mb, psu compatibility issue)

Really, I’ve gotten 3 bad psu?


Specs are


Intel i7 920

Nvidia 9800GTX (6 pin pci-e power)

1 Intel SSD

2 WD 2TB Black HDD

12GB Ram

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The MB you have is most likely an OEM Pegatron MB and may be using a non standard PSU requirement. But on the 4 Pin 12 Volt plug which one of the two 4 -Pin Plugs are you using? I would suggest holding the cable in your hand with the plug facing away from you then separate the two 4-pin plugs and the one that ends up in your right hand should be the plug to use for the MB CPU Power.
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