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Obsidian 650D Case - 200mm Fan

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I recently decided to buy a new computer. As a student this was a decision I wish I could have made a lot sooner, but with the lack of funds it would be almost impossible to do so. I have been with a Pentium 4 computer for 8 years until recently (May 26th, 2011) when I was lucky enough to receive money from a summer coop placement related to my field. I compiled a list of parts for my new computer with the help of my friends in hope of designing something that will not only suit me for my school work, but will also be top of the line for a few years until I graduate and have money to have it upgraded to prevent it from going obsolete like my last machine.


The choice I made for my RAM, PSU and CASE was not very difficult because of the name brand of Corsair. I figured when I purchased these pieces that I would not be disappointed, and I have not been disappointed. The qualities of all the items I have purchased have exceeded their expectancy, including the amazing case design, with its black, and simple yet elegant style. I adore this case, even though I initially was considering the Obsidian 800, which is significantly larger, but not necessarily required for my needs.


My issue is with the fan located on the top of my case; it has stopped working and has caused me a bit of a scare after only 3 days of use. The fan has stopped spinning and the smell of a burning motor was emanating from the unit. This sort of thing happens, and I understand that, but it was disconcerting since this was the only issue I had with my first new computer in such a long time.


My trouble, and the reason of my post, has to do with the confusion I have had with trying to contact customer service. I didn't expect I needed to create an account on the Corsair Forums, but I find this might be my best option to get proper information. The phone number written on the red "stop" document that came with my computer was incorrect, and took me some time to find that the difference was that the number started 1-888 not 1-800 as first indicated.


After I got the correct number the next day from Corsair's website, I was on hold for 20 minutes before I got a hold of someone who immediately transferred me to a voice mail after I told them my issue, forcing me to hang up and call back. The second time I waited even longer before I was answered by the same customer service representative. She took my information and told me that they would send out a replacement instead of having me box up my case and take it back to the store and I will get an e-mail to confirm this. The e-mail requested that I need to send mail the defective product which is not what I was told and I assume the product I mail in is just the fan, not the case.


If I follow the guide in the e-mail, does Corsair just want the 200mm fan, and am I going to be reimbursed for my shipping cost?

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It really helps us if you keep things short and too the point, and to be sure I was able to follow you correctly:

You have our 650D Case and the Top fan has failed? You spoke to our customer service and they setup a replacement fan but you got an email that is asking to send the bad fan back? Is that about right?


If so then you can email them and ask if that is what you would need to do to be sure.

But normally they will just send the replacement parts on a new case. however the order system is automated and sends out a standard reply that at this time cannot be changed. So for now I would send them an email and then wait for the replacement fan we do ask for parts that have failed in some cases like this so we can see why it failed and make corrections as needed to prevent them from happening again But as I said I would suggest contacting them by email to confirm. And the hold time when you call is an approximation, it normally does not take that long as the message says.

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