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H80/H100 fitments to ..


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I'm currently using the H50 and considering upgrading my computer to sandy bridge. However I had to make some side door adjustments with the H50, and want to know in advance if the H80 and/or H100 will fit my case: NZXT Hades Crafted Series HADE-001BK Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case




If the screw pattern fits the top of case all is well.


Thanks in advance.

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The H-100 would need a space for two 120MM Fans together so it looks like that case provides that but it does not show how much room is inside the case. You would need about 3-5" of clearance over the MB and PSU for the radiator and fans unless you mount the fans on top of the case.

If you do not have the case yet can I suggest our 600T case as I know 100% any of our coolers will fit no problems.

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You will not be able to fit any rad/fan on the top of the case. This is due to the terrible height and placement of the mobo so close to the top of the case.


Mosfet heatsink, ram might block, also the rear fan might have to be removed.


Its just one bad designed case, cant even fit a standard 120mm tower heatsink, as the side fan is in the way.

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It is not a straight fit to an NZXT Hades case as there is not enough clearance between the motherboard and radiator for the fans, also the screw holes don't all line up with all those on the top of the case although it can be held with the 4 that you can get to line up.


I got around it by mounting fans to the top outside the case, you have to make one of the gaps in the grill bigger to fit the fan plugs through. I used a stock 120mm fan and the cases 140mm fan at the back screwed from the inside as those holes are not obstructed by the radiator.


The Corsair fans are stupidly noisy so I'm just using the cases exhaust fan at the moment still controlled by the cases own fan controller.


I will review the cooler with the case full on my own website, but I only got the cooler last night and have not decided 100% how I want all the fans set up.


This is worth getting with this case as long as you don't mind external fans, even with one fan my 8 core Bulldozer is 10 degrees cooler everywhere, the VRMS getting to hot and causing throttling is my biggest problem now. At least I can re-fit the 200mm side fan now the large air cooler has gone which should help.



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