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CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 and Asus P6X58D Premium


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I've had this combo of memory + motherboard running for 4 months without any problems, until recently when 4 of the 12GB disappeared from view in both BIOS and windows.


After some testing, including doing a mem test on each of the 3 modules separately, I found one of them that failed the test and so it appears to be faulty.


Running now with just 2 of the 3 modules and everything is working fine.


However I've just noticed that when using the Corsair configurator and selecting my motherboard, this memory is not listed as compatible! In fact all of the compatible 12GB memory kits are 1.65v, while my vengeance is 1.5v.


My questions are:


1) Is this memory (Vengeance CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9) truly incompatible with my motherboard (Asus P6X58D Premium), or is it simply an omission in the list? The reason I ask is because it is actually working (other than the recently faulty stick).


2) Can I still RMA the memory given that I've coupled it with an 'officially' non-compatible motherboard?


3) If I was to purchase one of the officially compatible 12GB memory kits (say dominator), is it guaranteed to work at the fully rated 1600Mhz, or is it simply guaranteed to work at default 1066Mhz rating?



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1. It's compatible, just not listed on the memory finder (out of date apparently).

2. RMA form's on the left. RMA the KIT, not just one stick.

3. See # 1. ONE kit is guaranteed to run at its rated specs, but there's no guarantee your memory controller can be OC'd enough to do so. Having said that, all you should have to do is to enable XMP and that's it.

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Hi Wired,


Thank you for the fast response.


1. I don't doubt you, but just curious, how do you know since your sig points out that you don't work for corsair?


2. I understand I have to send the whole kit back, not just one stick. However when I fill out the RMA form and select my product from the list, the only option available is: "Purchased as Single Module (1 Memory Module)" - however this is a 3 memory module kit!


3. I don't understand - does the compatibility chart for a particular motherboard mean that the memory is guaranteed to run at it's rated specs _with that motherboard_ ? That would surely include the memory controller being OC'd enough to do so otherwise the net result is a set of memory that will not run at the rated specs!


Thanks again.

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1. ALL triple stick kits are compatible with triple channel systems. It's a known fact.

2. Correct, select "Purchased as Single Module (1 Memory Module)". It's horribly worded, but it means one kit.

3. Your memory controller is on the CPU, not motherboard, so your theory isn't sound. It's guaranteed to work on the motherboard, however there's no way to guarantee how OCable your CPU's memory controller is. They do guarantee the speed of the memory of course. Having said that, I've yet to see a Core i7 9xx that can't run memory @ 1600 MHz.

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1. Ah. Obviously I didn't know that! In that case it seems strange then that the vengeance would be excluded from the compatibility list.


2. Ok.


3. I have no theories, just questions :) But I get what you're saying now, it's a function of the CPU, not the motherboard.



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