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Intel BOXDX58SO2 + i7 990x


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First of all, I was redirected to the solution tool, but there are only options for pre-built systems... so I couldn't find any help there.


I'm upgrading my current system, and I can't find the best fitting memory for the motherboard.

I was looking between those two:





And need help picking up the better fitting one. or, if there is some other model that would work smoother.


This build will be mostly serving for work with Autodesk 3D-Studio Max, Maya, Adobe CS5 and gaming.


Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is not the right place to ask.

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Thanks for the quick reply.


So, if I pick one of these:





everything should be set?


I read many feedbacks about the Intel BOXDX58SO2 boards having issues running memories higher than 1600MHz, even though the specs on the board itself say DDR3 1600+ /1333 /1066.


I just don't want to make a mistake and blow out money on something that won't work.

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OK, I've dug some more and found out that the 2000MHz should be fine.


Now only to pick the memory itself, I saw most builds go with the Vengeance, any particular reason for it? because I was leaning towards the Dominator myself.

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