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Replacement Voyager 8 GB is slow


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I recently RMAed my Corsair Flash Voyager 8 GB flash drive cos it was dodgy (sometimes not recognised, file transfers sometimes dropping out, etc.). I received a replacement product today - it looks exactly the same but unfortunately it's a lot slower than my original one. I've attached some benchmarks comparing the two.


The ATTO settings are the same, the PC and USB port used were the same and both drives were formatted as exFAT with 32 kB allocation unit size. I usually use it for transferring large files so the speed of large sequential reads and writes are the most important here. Real-life writes of large files are ~7.2 MB/s, whereas I used to get ~11 MB/s. Reads are now ~18 MB/s and used to be ~26 MB/s.


So what's going on? Why is my new drive so much slower, particularly in write speeds? I'd have kept the original (despite it occasionally being dodgy) if I knew a replacement would be so much worse!



Thanks for any help you can provide.



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You have the Blue and black Flash Voyager right?




I am sorry but those are above spec for that drive.


What spec? I cannot see anything resembling a spec on the Corsair website, aside from a dead link to an FAQ.


Regardless, there is a stark difference in the benchmarks, no? I find it hard to believe that two such differently performing devices can be marketed as the same product.

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