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I have a 650D, and I hope to get a AX1200 very soon. It would be great that this fully modular PSU would have fully modular cables and length options to go with it! It would be very useful if we could order cables to the lengths that we need. It would be nice if we could order cables within the range so that we can have a cleaner setup within our systems, not having to worry about where to put the extra cable within the case is a huge plus and just makes everything so much neater. It would be nice if we could select the number of connectors on the cable and then the spacing of the connectors as well.


You currently offer cables:

[table=head]Connector|Length Min-Max|Connectors Per Cable

ATX Power Cable|21.65" or 550mm - 24" or 610mm|1 (@ End Point)

EPS/ATX12V CPU Cable|21.65" or 550mm - 24.80" or 630mm|1 (@ End Point)

PCI-E Cable (6+2 pin)|21.65" or 550mm - 24" or 610mm|1 (@ End Point)

SATA Cable|23.62" or 600mm - 34" or 864mm|2, 3 & 4.

Peripheral Cable (Molex)|17.72" or 450mm - 40" or 1016mm|3, 4 & 5[/table]

Note: These are not all modular cables and the source of this information is here.

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