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CX600 V2 high pitched whine when PC is off


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I've read the FAQ on noisy PSU's and tried the steps there (turned off speedstep and power management) with no luck. Tried it in a different outlet, with and without a power strip.


This PSU is making a noticeable high-pitched whine, which is much louder when the system is off. It seems to be much quieter while the system is on.


So far the only way to make it quiet is switch off the PC at the PSU or unplug it, neither of which are really acceptable solutions.


My previous PSU did not make any kind of whining noise.


I've started the RMA process but really I'd like to know if a replacement is likely to make the same noise. I've had to RMA/return a couple of items from this build already, and have gone over budget. I'd really appreciate a candid response on this if a replacement is not likely to resolve the issue.


Alternatively, is there any specific corsair PSU which can supply at least 26A on the +12v rail, but is not going to make this noise?


Thanks for any help.

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One of our TX or HX series would probably work fine with this MB, but this PSU should not be a problem either. You can try the reseller to swap to another model or request an RMA directly with us and we can replace the unit for the same model.
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