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CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B legitimate question this time


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Ok this time I really am stumped. I changed over to a 201/20 multi/bch which clocks this ram at 1608. I expected the timings on auto to be slightly higher than the XMP but the results were entirely unexpected.


I am not savy enough on the math of memory timings to know if the result is a good thing or a bad one. If I need to do some tweaking, what might you suggest?


As for testing, the ram has passed an overnight run of memtest, 10 hours of prime95, and 20 passes of IntelBurnTest at Maximum (about 90 minutes) without error, so I'm confident the setting is stable at current setting.


I've uploaded a screenshot from CPu-Z to clearly show what I'm seeing.


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wow you have the CL to 4 and it boots? WOW!


And that number is the very reason I am unsure of what to do, I enabled XMP and this is what Bios thinks is the way to go.. :sigh!:


The system is performing flawlessly, i just don't know if it's a good performance setting or if I should go to something more conventional.


I also don't want anything happening that would invalidate the warranty, though I see no heat issues, and the voltages are auto setting to 1.52.

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