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I bought 2 Corsair XMS2 Kits 2x1 gb 2 years ago. last winter i cleaned my computer and when i placed my memory back it wouldnt recognize 2 gb out of four. I tested each slot..and memory and all worked ok. In the end i got my computer to run with 3 gb after changing the motherboard. Old one was a P5Qe from ASUS. Now i put in a maximus 2 formula. but just the other day i cleaned my computer again..without removing the memory. The computer started but monitor started in standby, no leds lighted up to verify the memory and no response from computer. finaly i got 2 gb working on the first 2 slots, one white and the other blue. after a few tests..slots all seem to be working when i put only one memory at a time..but whenever i put the third..it wont work. Usually when it works 3 leds light up to verify memory, not with the third. I could really use some advice on this please. Ive uploaded bios and changed also the voltage and timing as it is written on the memory. timing 5-5-5-18. and voltage 1.90v. HELP.
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