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Obsidian 650D or Graphite 600T


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I am buying parts for my new build and I can't make up my mind between the 2 midtowers. I am going to water cool all my CPU and GPU once I get some more money. So what does everyone else think, 650D or 600t for water cooling?


My Rig:

CPU: i5 2500k

Mobo: Asus Sabertooth P67

Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb(2x4gb) 1600

GPU: Evga GTX 570 Superclocked

PSU: Corsair HX 850

SSD: ******** Agility 2 100gb(carried over from my last build)

HDD: ******** 2 TB 5400 rpm


Thanks for any input you can give :):

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650D, I've not done the measurements myself, but I keep hearing it has a larger area up top so that you can mount a push - radiator - pull setup inside the case and still have room if you wanted too. The 600T seems to only allow for a radiator and one fan, so if you want to do push pull your going to have to have a fan or two outside of the case.


I'm thinking about a H100 myself, and it seems that the 650D (that I have) will support a push - radiator - pull setup within the case. So it would be a very neat setup. However, I'm thinking of going much more hard core then the H100 and making a custom setup that will include the CPU and Mobo chipset in a water loop, then a second loop for the GPUs. This I think will all fit into the case without much of a problem in the case of the 650D, but in the 600T i'm not so sure.

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I asked a similar question recently and I was told that the 600T does in fact have enough space for a push pull system with the H100. I went to the store and checked out the 600T, and that seems about right, although it might be tight IMO.

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You'll have to find really flat fans to get a push pull inside a 650D. If you're doing a full custom WC loop, you can do either a push or a pull. Not both. You have a little less than 80mm from the top of the mobo to the top of the case to work with.


Slim rads are at about 31mm thick. Take into consideration that good rad fans are all about 25-38mm thick. So 31+25+25 = 81mm. Unless you mod the top of the case to have a shroud, then your not going to fit a push pull.


If you're using a H100, then I have no clue what the specs are.

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