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Help with 800D Please!


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Hi guys,


Couple of problems with my 800D which was bought Sep 2010.


One of the USB ports has broken, when i pulled out my memory stick the entire USB metal bit came out with it so doesn't work anymore. And the front hard drive door is broken (this was done a while ago though but never bothered sorting)


Ive tried the RMA last month and after week was sent a message saying they would sent out replacement parts and to send my address which i did. Anyhow forward a month later and no parts plus no reply to numerous emails. Have now resorted to requesting a new RMA which i have yet to recieve reply.


Hope someone could give us a hand!

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Corsair is closed on the weekends.

Corsair emails frequently end up in a junk mail folder due to the "no_reply@" in the address.


you can also call them during business hours with your case# and things will be taken care of faster.

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