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CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B in Gigabyte P55-USB3


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I just bought this 8 gig kit on the hopes that I could finally set my multi/bch setting to 21/191 on my i5-760.


That setting returns an odd Dram freq of 1528 on an 8x multi. My prevoius ram from a different manufacturer failed to post at that setting. I let the bios autoset the ram, and happily was able to not only post, but run stable through a 12 hour prime95 with 1.5 voltage.


The timings however seem very conservative.


CL= 9

tRCD = 9

tRP = 9

tRAS = 23

tRFC - 124

CR = 2T


What I'm looking for is some advice as to which parts of the timing I should begin adjusting first in trying to tighten things up. I know the 9-9-9 is what's rated but the tRFC seems way high.

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