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XMP and speedstep


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have a quick question would like a simple and short answer (if possible).

I m trying to have the following working together.My cpu at stock speed,XMP profile enabled (@1600),and speedstep enabled.However changing all bios settings to defaults and just putting dram voltage to 1.65 and xmp profile enabled,just wont let speedstep kick in.Any ideas?

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I m in Greece and it s summer...:)

I m getting a little high on temperatures if i leave cpu constantly running at full speed.I ordered the new H80 corsair cpu cooler just yesterday.If it proves as good as it looks and it sounds,i will listen to your advice.

On a second thought,what exactly you don't recommend,XMP with speedstep,high perfomance with speedstep or what combination?

Thank you

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  • Corsair Employees

That would be best asked of the MB manufacturer, personally I have not tried combinations of performance and power saving settings like that.

However many desktop systems I would suspect to either or but not both.

But you can can see what is set when XMP is enabled and then set the settings manually and see if the power management settings will work with Not XMP enabled.

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