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Corsair Force 3 on Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 - STABLE

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After 2 days of frustration I have my system working stable (for 6 hours or so at least). Here is how.


1) Load optimal defaults in bios of Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3 and set AHCI on for SATA. Set XMP Memory profile to profile1. Set HPET to 64-bit mode.

2) Connect only Corsair Force 3 (to Intel SATA 6GB not Marvell) and Optical drive for Windows Install.

3) Full format on the SSD during install.

4) Install Windows 7 x64 Professional.

5) Apply force.reg fix from here

6) Install the chipset, graphics drivers and everything else.

7) Create a Macrium Image of drive (because I am lazy).

8) Cleaned up and installed Directx and other items.

9) Carried on expecting BSOD at any time...

10) Attached my storage drive (only AFTER the reg fix)

11) Still no BSOD and 6+ hours seems ok for now...

12) Expecting a BSOD just as I post...


Find ATTO results below.




The write times seem a little off... or is it just me :laughing:

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