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Corsair HS1 uneven sound?


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Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not sure if this is natural or not.


Basically games with sudden loud sounds like explosions or such are way too loud compared to the rest of the game. If I'm at a comfortable sound level for normal sounds, a sudden explosion or other loud sound is way too high for that level, so it sounds like an uneven sound.


Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes sounds are more concentrated to the right side. I've tweaked the virtual speaker system a little bit and it sounds better now but before this it seems like a lot of the sound is coming from the right side (on default speaker settings). It's not that the left side is dead, just things like voices and some music bits sound like they're coming from the left.


ANyone else had these issues?



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I think this is more driver and software related tbh.


For example, in Sniper: Ghost Warrior, I can hear enemy chatter really clearly even if they're not close to me. Then, when they fire shots, that sound seems to drown out other sounds like music.

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