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16Gb USB 3.0 drive dying on access - with error code flashes


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I have a new 16GB Flash Voyager CMFVY3-16GB purchased from a reputable retailer (something-egg); and it is giving me problems.


It died (OS reported the stick ejected, and it was write-protected upon re-insertion) in the first few minutes of use when performing a read scan (simple file-based read/write test with chkflsh.exe); but came back after a low level format on a different PC and seemed OK for a day... Now after loading it up ~ 90% with data, and running crystal diskmark, the drive failed on the 4k write testing; leading to total loss of all data on the drive (was a copy, no big deal). Host system lenovo X220 w/ USB 3.0.


I posted a video of the stick doing its flashing on youtube, because I though it interesting that these drives would have their own diagnostics:



Is this just a DOA stick, or is there something more to these flashes? I'm suspicious of this laptop, as it is a new model from lenovo; I don't have any other USB 3 systems to test with... there is a review on the 'egg' for a similar issue on the 32GB version of this drive.

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