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H50 High Temps New Mobo


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Hi peeps im new to forums and came because ive got a problem.


I recently changed motherboard from an EVGA Sli to the Asus rampage 3 Gene.


Ive now installed and reinstalled my H50 cooler about 4-5 times with diff TIM and cant get the temps down.


I use the push/pull system and with the stock corsair fan and an apache 120 fan also. Pump is running at required 1450rpm and i even tried it directly to psu with no difference.


INTEL i7 920


In my Evga board my cpu @ 3.8 gig idled @ 29 degrees.

In the Asus rog 3 gene its idling @ 43 @ stock 2.67gig.


I find it hard to belive the change of board can see my temps increase nearly 20c degrees.


ive changed case too but the new case has better airflow than previous.


Any ideas welcome.

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Hey RamGuy yeah ive used


asus probe 2


core temp

real temp



all reporting same 20 degrees higher temps than the evga board that had onboard lcd to display temps and was 100% with software based progs.


Thing is i overcloked my i7 920 to 4.4 gig on the EVGA @ 1.37 volts and idled @ 35c.


I dont understand how a new board would report 20c higher in a better aired case @ stock clock n 0.9-1.1 volts. Its also reporting the high temps outside case although maybe 1-2c lower.


Any ideas.


I think my Cooler is still in warranty if its a 2 year one. Was bought from overclockers uk website on oct 2009.


Any advice welcome.

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  • Corsair Employees

Please post a screen shot form PC-Probe and when you installed the cooler with the New MB what heat sink grease did you use and how did you apply it?

Also did you do a fresh install of windows or just move the HDD over from the other system?

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