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SATA 3 SSD question

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Dear Corsair representatvies (RAM Guy, Yellowbeard) and well informed fellas,


I did not find a matching topic for my request/question, so I decided to put it here as many of you reading it.


I am planning to buy a SATA 3 SSD (capacity is 60/64 Gb) in the coming month, and I would like to ask a question on this matter.


I saw that Force 3 series SSDs are already lunched but only with 120 / 240 GB capacity. As far as I know, and read the news in my country (Hungary) properly, there will be a 60 gigs version too.


Can anyone tell me, when this will be available for purchase in Europe, or I misunderstood or just simply missed something?


Thanks your help and advise in advance!


A happy (600T SEW, AX850, HS1A and SP2200) owner and user

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