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F115A problems


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Hi, I purchased a corsair F115a two months ago, it works very well but I have some problems with cold restart (from P.C. off).

In fact, often, when I boot the system, it manages to enter in Windows (Win7 professional) but after a few minutes it freezes without reasons (usually it freezes when I start to do something: navigation or open a video), in order: video, mouse, audio and I must restart it.

After one or more reboots it succedes to return work well (such as the ssd has a kind of synchronization with the internal CPU-clock).


Have you some ideas of this problem? I read there are some troubles for hot-restart (from suspend mode) and I also have it but I have not read anything about my problem.



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I haven't heard anything as well about the issue you are having. Best advice is secure erase the drive and try it in another system if possible and see if the issue follows. Let me know the results.
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