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F80-A Failure?


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Hello all.


I purchased an F80-A back in March as part of my new computer build. Been very happy with the drive up until earlier today. During a cold-boot, Windows hanged at the "Starting Windows". After soft-booting from that, the F80 would no longer appear in BIOS or in Windows (if I brought Windows up from the install DVD). Tried changing SATA ports, but no change.


Whenever I cold-boot, the drive will be detected again. But, it will always hang during the Windows boot-up exactly the same way. Any soft boots after that will always result in the drive not being detected.


I've already put in an RMA request as this seems to me like a drive failure. However, are there any other troubleshooting steps I should try in the mean time?

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Do you mean did I switch when the trouble occurred or as a troubleshooting step?


In either case, I did not. It's been running in AHCI since I purchased it.


In any case, this seems to be the same issue that many others have reported with their Force drives -- works fine for a while, then Windows will hang during a cold-boot, and the drive will not be detected after a warm-boot. Just hoping this isn't a firmware issue or otherwise I'll probably experience the same issue on my replacement drive after a month or two.

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