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Random windows lock ups RAID0 F120s

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I just installed two two Force 120s in raid0. Windows installed fine, but I'm getting occasional random lockups in Windows. What happens is programs become unresponsive and mouse / keyboard with periodically freeze for about 10 seconds. Reboot fixes it until it happens again.


It seems to happen especially when working with windows stuff (ie control panel, event log, task manager) although it did happen once with firefox. This may be more because I have yet to really restore any programs yet.


Amazon shipped these SSDs with NO packing material at all, and one of the product boxes actually arrived with a wet spot on it (it was overnighted). The moisture dried and made box crinkle some but no actual moisture entered box and drive itself was dry. It's almost like guy at Amazon spilled a quarter sized drop of coffee on it or something.


Considering no moving parts and UPS box was undamaged, I figured I'd give them a shot but I was wondering- Do symptom experienced sound indicative of a hardware issue and if not, does anyone have any suggestions?


pc specs:


i7-920 (oc to 3.5ghz)

6gb corsair dominator

ASUS p6t deluxe v2

two Corsair f120 raid0

two WD black 640gb raid1

580gtx sli

silverstone strider 850watt psu

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Looks like the random lock ups are happening after idling as well. Either way when this starts happening, only way to "fix" it is hard reboot.


Drives are FW 2.0. I've tried updating BIOS, but it still occurs. Using newest intel driver.


Given that's a fresh Windows install, I really don't think that is the culprit (unless there is compatibility issue- unfortunately in that case, it's far easier to use a difference brand SSD than a different brand OS).



So does anyone have any suggestions or is this just another one of those specific combinations of variables that results in a product that just doesn't work correctly?

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