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Corsair Force Series 3 & 2011 MBP - WORKING!

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fyi, long post ahead... copy from my thread @ macrumors (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1159934)


Got my 2011 15' Macbook Pro last week with a 750GB drive @ 5400RPM. The drive is very fast, but I produce music and I really need one big storage drive and another very fast one to run Logic, Ableton, Serato, Maschine, VSTs, and Sound Cards (8in/8out). The laptop has a 6/6 SATA connection which means an SSD running at SATA3 would work, and I could also run the 750GB drive at SATA3 with no problem.


Ever since I read about them, I waited and watched Newegg to see when these drives would be released. Apparently, they are the fastest drives on the market right now. At 550 read and 520 write, with 85,000 IOPS, they seemed appropriate. I also did a lot of research to find a suitable optibay alternative. There is no reason MCE should charge $100 for a small piece of metal with some screws. Although it would have come with a free enclosure for the DVD drive, I'd rather pick one up for cheaper.


When my stuff arrives I plan to document my experience with the new drive and optibay for people to look at, and for users who have the same setup to comment and speak about issues.


Info on Drive and Optibay:

Drive info: Price: $233 from Newegg



Newegg link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233181&Tpk=Corsair%20force%20series%203


Optibay: Decided to go with a cheaper alternative that I was told would work with the 2011 MBP 15'.



And that's it. The drive should get here no later than Monday, and the Optibay, I'm not really sure since it's shipping from Hong Kong. I'll let you guys know how it goes!


Any suggestions, things I definitely should or should not do? Never had na SSD before....





Just came in the mail, my brand new Force 3 Series!

Since I do not have my optibay yet, I decided to install this in the MBP by itself to see if it would work.


Installed without a hitch. Installed a fresh copy of OSX (took about 30 minutes with ALL stuff selected). Running in OSX now, AJA shows very nice speeds.




Waiting for my optibay to arrive from nimitz now (he already shipped), so I can drop it in and see what happens. So far I'm very satisfied. This is my first SSD and it is BLAZING fast.



try 1920x1080 10bit 4GB


slightly lower speeds overall but still very good..



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