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H60 Power-Intel DX58SO-Antec 1200


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Hey guys I have recently finished building my first PC and have been looking to get a better CPU cooler. I am still kind of new to this and have been researching for an answer on this but have come up short so I decided to post here. Ive always thought of getting one of Corsair's and just realized the H60 would be a great replacement for the stock fan.


I am not looking to do the push/pull setup at the moment as I am not overclocking but I am concerned about it fitting into my case(Anntec 1200) with the side panel fan installed. I am wondering if they are going to hit each other.


As far as power goes to the motherboard the DX58SO CPU fan header on the motherboard is a 4 pin header and I have noticed that the power connectors on the radiator/actual cooler is a 3 pin. I am concerned about how to connect this properly or if I am going to need some adapter of some sort. Any help to this is extremely appreciated I am very confused at the moment. Any tips is appreciated as well and thank you for any feedback. Thanks!!!

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Does it matter if its installed to the left side or right then?

What are you talking about?

The fan only plugs in one way there is a Guide on the plug when you plug it in the header on the MB.

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