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v128 issue not recognized


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Hi all


last week my nova v128 has been defeat:D:


it stopped working and now any sata port on my p8p67 deluxe board is able to recognize it!

I never upgrade the firmware


i also tryed to connect it by usb 2 sata external box and it don't work in anyway


whem i turn on my pc strange thing happen BIOS pauses much longer than normal when detecting drives and fails to detect the SSD


i tryed to swich to sata ide mode and back to achi but it can't find the drive in anyway


should i open rma ticket? i can send directly to corsair my ssd or have to take it back to the store that sold me?


thank you


(now i'm downloading system rescuecd and in 10 min i'll try if it work!)

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I had exactly the same problem after a blue screen a few days ago.


No sata ports will recognize my F60 anymore.


Tried 2 different machines and still nothing.


Bios takes unusually long when the SSD is plugged in.



I just got my RMA approved and I'll be shipping it to them tomorrow.


Good luck.

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it's funny but now i don't have any case....

my system is all over my table;):


anyway my last case my last case was CM sniper


and i hope that my next one will be obsidian 800d


so i insert my last one ok?





thank you and sorry for my bad english

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