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Help: Slow Win7 boot with a new Corsair F60 SSD

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I've tired to get this problem solved on the overclock.net forum. So if you are interested in checking the thread out, follow this link.


This is the boot times in IDE and ACHI:

IDE = 14 seconds

AHCI = 1 minute and 5 seconds


But when I use benchmarks the ACHI have a better end value than IDE mode. (You can view the AHCI benchmark on the attached image).




This is just some of the things I've tried too make my Win7 boot time faster:

* Clean install of Win7.

* Enabled AHCI in regedit.

* Enabled AHCI in BIOS.

* Disabled Superfetch and Disk Defragmenter.

* Latest software update (2.1b).

* No other USB devices other than mouse and keyboard connected.


I used Soluto too check what program that used so much time to start up, and Microsoft .NET Framework Client Profile used 71 seconds too start, and the Windows 7 OS used 36 seconds too start.


So why are the SSD so slow to boot Windows 7 with my new Corsair F60 SSD?


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If you're going to re-format the drive anyway I highly recommend a secure erase in order to reset the performance back to factory. Use Parted Magic if hdderase.exe doesn't work.


Do it now and save time later because a lot of customers usually image their drives just to secure erase it later once they see performance dropping.

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I've tried to answer this thread two times allready, but I will give it another shot.


I managed to use the HDDErase, just with setting the SATA cable in another slot, it seems like IDE drives on my motherboard are on SATAII04 and 05. But after that the Windows 7 slipstream (included SP1) did not work as intended. It did not solve my problem. But I've "given up" and use my two standard HDDs. And installed the SSD onto my Macbook. This was after I used the HDDErase on the SSD.


Thanks for your help, even though it didn't solve it as I would hope. I will keep in mind your tips on a later date.

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