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Newbie here! Have some Q's & need help installing H50 push-pull with my system!


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Hey everyone, I am ready to start installing my H50 pump that I bought a year ago!


Currently, I am using my stock HSF. I have never installed an aftermarket cooler before, so this would be my first time. Hence, I wanted to ask to make sure I will be installing it properly.

What I have in my possession:


2 of the Scythe GT AP-15 fans (for push-pull configuration)

Corsair H50

ArctiClean cleaning solution


My current status is I have taken the motherboard/CPU/RAM/GFX card out (I believe my DVD-RW & hard drive are still in there--not sure if I will need to take them out or not) of the case and will install the actual H50 pump components next.


My plan of action next is to install the actual H50 pump + radiator/fan combo.


I am going with an intake method of the push-pull, so it would look like this:


*Rear of case*Fan>>H50Radiator>>Fan*Front of case*


Basically the fans will be blowing the hot air from the radiator into the case. I may also use the already-existing TriCool fan (that I removed to install the radiator) and put it on the side of the case to do another "intake" of pulling of cold air.


However, before I can proceed, I am in need of your guys' help again. As I try to install the system, I have a few more questions:


1) Just noticed something on the TIM paste that comes from the H50 pump. It appears my paste's outer surface may be damaged/scratched. Not sure if this would be okay? I'm very meticulous when it comes to maximizing cooling capabilities, and it doesn't help that I am sort of a perfectionist. Would I need to remove this paste and re-apply (with my own) since there is a little un-even surface there? I have attached a picture depicting what I am talking about: http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/6727/67307046.jpg. I am unsure if this would affect overall cooling performance. It looks like the unevenness is on the outer circle, which means that it's not centered where the CPU cores are located. Do you think this would be ok?


2) The H50 comes attached with 4 long screws, but they do not fit into the AP-15 fans. They fit perfectly into the radiator, though. How should I approach this push-pull method? Would I need to buy 4 DIFFERENT screws altogether? The AP-15's themselves come with larger (in terms of width) screws that are shorter (in length). Hence, if I were to try to get a long-enough screw that would thread to both the 2 fans and radiator, it would be impossible since the radiator and fan threads are all different. I have attached pics here: http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/7166/49351788.jpg. I have come up with different solutions of installing the screws. Please advise me which way is preferred:


a) Buy 4 different screws long enough to screw both the two fans and radiator at once? The Corsair FAQs list "6 x 32 x 1 1/4"" as an appropriate length/size for a push-pull, but I doubt this would even work because even if I were able to put the screws into the radiator, the fan attaching to the rear of the case would not be screwed in properly. I am also unsure if I should screw the screws from the rear of the case to the back of the last fan or in the opposite direction?


b) Try to use a combo of the screws for attaching the radiator and two fans or a different combination of attaching different screws in various places? I am not sure how to proceed on this one because I am unsure if I need to screw in the radiator all the way or "just enough" so it gets sandwiched and stays (meaning, does the radiator vibrate? I do not want it to fall off due to improper screws).


c) Another way?


Phew! Hope this makes some sense. I apologize for any confusion caused. I'll try to explain things clearer if it does not make sense.



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  • Corsair Employees

If you are not using the stock fans that came with our H-50 then yes you will have to source the screws for your self. I would suggest a R/C Hobie store as they usually have a large selection of these type of screws.


And the Thermal pad has been nicked but I doubt it will affect the install the nicks are off to the side away from the position of the CPU.


And I am sorry but if you are not going to follow the instructions and install the system they way it was designed there is not much I can suggest except you will be on your own and may take some risks with your system.

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Alright, I used the Corsair screws + bought another same size screws. I have everything installed except the H50 pump.


I am having a tremendous difficulty pushing the H50 pump into it's bracket. Already, I have smeared some of the TIM paste onto the outer edge of the CPU. It seems I just cannot push it down enough without the TIM paste sticking onto the CPU. After watching the YouTube How-To video, it seems the Corsair guy is doing it flawlessly with ease.


Everytime I try to push the pump and lock it into its bracket, it seems like there is not enough space. I have already unfastened some of the screws to alleviate space, but it just still will not go down enough for it to "click/snag" the grooves. What should I do?


Should I remove the TIM paste on the CPU and/or pump and apply my own? Or leave it be? There is a little on the outer edges of the CPU. Please see pics here: http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/1663/pumpp.jpg (pump) & http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/4831/cpuil.jpg (cpu)


I am worried that this would affect cooling, and I do not know how much more smearing will it be as I continue to try and push the pump down into the bracket. Any suggestions on what to do at this point?

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Be sure to look at the threads for the H50/H70 in the sticky section here. You'll do just fine. And don't worry about the small nic in the TIM. Just don't let the pump head move around too much when you seat it. The TIM is malleable so even if you smear it some, it will sit down just fine with the pressure from the block against the CPU.



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Finally! Thank you all for your help. After an extremely frustrating install that was full of questions and head-scratches, I have finally set up my first aftermarket cooling system: the H50 (at least, I think so!). However, there are two things that I believe are not normal or maybe what I think is definitely not right. I have been analyzing what may be the fault or solution:


1) There is a loud whining/blowing/idling fan noise that is coming from the 2 GT AP-15 push-pull fans. However, there is a loud sound in which I am not sure why the fans are making the sound. It sounds like some sort of pressure going on. I have double checked the direction of the fans, and indeed the fans look and seem like they're blowing air INTO the case (hence, intake). Although when I place my hands on the back of the fans, I can feel some slight air blowing too. Actually, when I put my hands behind the back of the supposed direction of ANY case fans, it seems I can feel some air as well. I guess this is just normal--nevertheless, I am 100% sure the p/p fans are in the right direction.


What I think may be wrong:

1a) AP-15 fans malfunctioning? (though I highly doubt this)

1b) Radiator malfunctioning?

1c) Perhaps I need some kind of shroom/grommet or some vibration-control or some washers in between the fans/radiator? Or something wrong with my screw placements? I've used 8 screws in all of same size and same washer size (as recommended by the Corsair YT & How-To vids). However, I have heard many similar setups with my case/fan/H50/other hardware combinations without any problem. :-(


2) The other thing I noticed is when I booted up my system, the temps look a little off with the H50. After just viewing what my idle is in the MB & in Windows, they seem to be somewhere around 30-35 degrees at stock 2.8 GHz. I expected to be better. My ambient room temperature is cool. I understand that stock temperatures do not mean anything, but I was hoping something in the range of 22-28 at stock, given I am using the already-applied Shin-Etsu TIM paste that comes with H50 over my previous stock i7 HSF/stock paste. I have not tested it at load, but it seems to be jumping around 40-45 at 15%+ load when I tested it briefly in Windows via the Core Temp program. Fans and pump are installed correctly and it seems they're running at full speed.

What I may think could be attributing to this (if this is indeed not normal):


2a) I mentioned previously in my other posts that there were imperfections on my TIM paste when I bought the H50 pump. I was re-assured that this would be okay. It looked like there was some unevenness on the outer edges. No biggie. Unfortunately, I was also having a difficult time installing the Prior to getting the pump onto the bracket, I had smeared some of the TIM paste onto the outer edge of the CPU. I had attempted at least 10 times before I could push the actual pump and lock it into its bracket. However, I had smeared some already on the CPU. Please see pics in my previous post above.


So, 30+ minutes after this happened, I finally got the pump into its place. I may or may not have smeared more as I locked it into place. Do you think I should clean/reset the pump/CPU with my own thermal paste? (I only got some MX-2 at this moment). Or do you think it would have been okay? I guess I was concerned for either air bubbles or just imperfections in the paste creating a terrible contact (although it was on the OUTER edge), etc.


2b) Browsing through the Corsair forums, the other thing I could think of was either a defective H50 pump


2c) Or maybe I am not locking the pump/bracket into place enough, or the screws were too tight. Or something similar.


2d) I also DID NOT use the ADHESIVE PADS. Maybe is it possible the adhesive gives more space for the screws to work? (someone said it may act like a washer mod?) Thus, the bracket/pump did not situate itself correctly?


Any suggestions? Thank you all your help!

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