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600T white LED power removal


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I recently purchased a Corsair 600T for my new rig but wasn't aware that it was impossible to turn the white LEDs off.


Has anyone actually cut the power to the LEDs to stop the lights from working? Which wire does one have to cut?


It's a great case, even the white lights are nice - but I just don't want to have them on all the time, at night in a dark room they light up the ceiling and walls and you see reflections of the top grill on the ceiling :) So I'd rather have them off all the time than on all the time is the conclusion I've come to...


Any help appreciated

Thanks :)

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  • Corsair Employees

Yes you can cut the wires to the LED but you would have to look at it to determine which wire to cut, sorry I do not have that case handy to tell you.

But please note this will void the warranty.

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