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2 Force F120 drives both blank

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Hi, I have a few Force F120 SSD hard drives in use at my workplace. About a month ago 1 drive suddenly blanked itself (HP 6930p), i checked it with the usual (cfdisk, gparted etc) and it was blank end to end. Drive test utils show it as fine and on reformat i could store files and reboot and the files were there, but i was terrified of it failing again so i shelved it.


Now we move forward to today, another user drops their laptop on my desk - drive wont boot. I check and indeed this drive is blank as well. (HP nw8440). I have several laptops with ******** and ******** SSD's that have been running at least a year longer than these corsair drives & judging from the forums this is a common issue.


Both drives are Firmware 2.0 (from factory). OS is XP SP3 on both laptops.


Please reply with permission to RMA both drives back to Corsair. Does anybody know if there is a fix for this issue? or am I just going to get another drive just like these that tests fine but blanks itself randomly in the future?

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