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Force Series 3 and Intel z68 chipset (AHCI vs RAID)


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Hi everybody,


I have just bought an asus p8z68-v pro mobo and two 120 GB force series 3 SSDs.


I have updated the mobo bios to latest version and have the latest RST drivers from intel.


I cannot seem to get the SSDs to work in RAID 0 (one of the drives keeps dropping out of the raid). I have changed power, SATA cables, etc.


I have managed to get the disks running individually in AHCI mode. But to get RAID 0 working, I have to enable "RAID" mode in the bios.


I see that Corsair say that you must use AHCI mode. So I wonder, how can I get this going? The windows 7 installer also complains that it cannot install to the drives (even after loading the RST driver from intel during installation, version


The firmware on my SSDs appears to be 1.0.



Any help much appreciated.

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